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I'm Jen and Todd is my main squeeze. (Truth is, he's my only squeeze.) We met while still teenagers and married after a few years, which means we've been married to each other much longer than we haven't.

Parents to two grown kids and a dog (Sookie Beatrice), but not yet grandparents or retirees, we're just trying to figure out what to do with this stage of life.

Todd works from home as a security auditor while I either administrate Grace & Such, a website for Christian women, design websites here and there, or work the front desk for a Health and Wellness office a few hours a week.

But the real fun is what we do with the rest of our time. There are no school programs or sporting events to attend, no family trips to the zoo or theme park. Nothing but our choices to do whatever we want.

Sometimes that means an outdoor adventure, sometimes that means a weekend Netflix binge, and sometimes that means we do something around the house.

Hold on to your hats, because it's about to get real busy around here.