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Paint, Paint & More Paint

The foyer painting is finito and it looks great! I’m really pleased with the wall color. And the new chandelier? Oh.My.Sweet.Aunt.Fanny. It’s perfect!

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I’m a sucker for plaid and look at the shadows on the wall. PLAID!

Decisions are HARD for me, so when I finally make one, I feel relief. And then I feel nervous because what if it was the wrong choice? So when the painting was done and I loved it, and when the chandelier was hung and I LOVED IT, I was nigh giddy!

The entryway still has a long way to go, as does the rest of the house, which means even more decisions. Which flooring are we going to replace the horrible carpet with? What color are we going to paint the living room or the hallway upstairs? Do we stain or paint the banister? And that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

But one bite at a time, right?

I’m happy to say, I’ve made all those decisions. And I feel really good about them. In fact, last Tuesday I stopped in at Lumber Liquidators to look at their selection of laminate. The saleslady was super helpful and she ran a quote for me with everything we could possibly need to do the job. Saturday, Todd and I went back to order the supplies and it turns out the price for our selection dropped and the final bill was almost $900 less than the estimate!

Christmas came early to the Thompson house.

With Thanksgiving next week, we probably won’t be able to pick up the flooring and supplies until at least the week after. Which is good because I still have to paint the living room and the rest of the kitchen, as well as paint the spindles and stain the banister.

And work my part-time job.

And complete a few website projects.

And run our new online store (I have so much product to add, my head is spinning).

And manage Grace & Such.

And a bajillion other things, just like everyone else.

*deep breath, Jen*

Then, while Todd is laboring away, installing the floor, I’m going to lay on the couch, catch up on This is Us and Empire, and eat bonbons. He’ll just have to work around me.

I also have a couple of crafty DIY project in my head that I’d like to get done before Christmas. I’ll just try not to get chocolate from the bonbons on them, but that might be hard if I’m doing everything from the couch.

And really, what better time of year to take on several projects at one time? It’s not like this is the most stressful time of year already or anything.

I hope the family is okay with little packs of Kleenex and granola bars in their stockings because I don’t have to go shopping for those.


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